Welcome to IBMG Canada!

We’ve worked hard to extend our business relationships and increase the services available to our clients, aligning ourselves with key insurance companies including Intact Insurance, Novex Insurance, Dominion of Canada, and Royal & SunAlliance. We’ve also focused on building our ‘team’ of insurance professionals, adding key personnel and moving to a larger space, to serve your every insurance need and provide the best insurance advice and personalized service available. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we are here for you. And please keep those referrals coming - we truly value them.


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Saati Blog

As part of our value proposition to our offering with our clients. We strive to align our service partnerships with top of class providers committed to total integrity, knowledge and experience and ultimate professionalism in their fields as master craftsman.

The Saati family (www.saatifinejewellery.com) is 6 generations steeped in the jewellery business and provides the utmost in selection of quality watches, custom pieces designed to individual needs and any occasions requiring the gift of perfection jewellery for all situations.

The Saati family prides itself on delivering a customer experience that far exceeds all expectations in a trade built on a heritage and legacy of over 100 years.

They provide valuations, opinions and appraisals to all forms of jewellery, articles of gold, platinum or silver including insurance claims replacements and assessments to make sure that your articles are well represented and accurately quantified in the marketplace today.

IBMG is privileged to extend the Saati family’s long legacy of service to our clients on any insurance matters related to articles of gold, silver, watches, heritage jewellery and replacement or new purchases.

Hello, good neighbour!

I am sure you have all heard the jingle “Like a Good Neighbour (Fill in the blank) is Here” well you may ask what is the difference. As an independent insurance broker we have access to a number of markets to make sure we shop your insurance with the best possible market for you at the best price point. The approach is on teamwork where you our valued customer work in tandem with us to develop the ultimate insurance structure and coverage to meet your needs and manage your insurance risk.

Our personalized service is the key ingredient to develop a healthy relationship as your insurance advisor of choice on all of your insurance requirements including house, auto, business and life insurance. We will help you navigate these waters in time of need when there is a change in your circumstances or better yet when you need it most at the time of a mishap or claim on your policy.

Oh and by the way…we work long hours and we answer your calls on the first ring! And behold we return phone calls usually same day or within a few hours but our most endearing value is we are here to serve you! This is a BIG industry and insurance is like one of those things in life that you must have and need but do not want to talk about more often than not…we understand that and we strive to make that process as joyful as a summer morning…

So, there you go, an opportunity to Spring Clean your insurance with someone that will come right along side of you and seek to make this a beneficial experience for all of us or better yet drop by and have a coffee. We have a new Nespresso machine ready to go for you!

The Value of Price!

What is price? What does it cost? How much is it? What is it worth? What will you pay for it? Are all factors of a consideration for services rendered and items purchased and the perceived value received for the money paid. The insurance purchase is an interesting one because it’s an intangible product that you can’t touch, see or feel…it’s like we are selling air! So, the question is what’s it worth?

What it’s worth is the cost of a claim. A $400,000 fire, a $25,000 water damage, a $15,000 auto accident or a payment of life insurance proceeds for $1m!

So, what is price? Over the years I have come to learn that price is an investment in something that you purchase weather short or long term, a consumable or a service. Ultimately, over time the investment gets better and better as you refine your investments or it gets worse. If, it gets worse a lesson is learned and you become wiser.

Then there is the consideration for the person on the other side of the transaction. Is that person, company or manufacturer worthy of a small profit, commission or fee? We would like to believe that we are all here to help each other and keep the money moving so that all can benefit and contribute to a productive lifestyle for all and continue to fuel the wheels of commerce for generations to come.

I have attached a report memorandum from the President of Dominion of Canada, one of Canada’s premier insurance company and one that IBMG is proud to represent in their response to the Thunder Bay Flood just this past June 2012. That is the value proposition of price in our industry as compared to other carriers that have to bring adjusters from the USA to manage their claims because they do not have the internal support system to respond in times of calamity. I would rather invest the extra to have our own people handle our own claims any day of the week. That is good value!

IBMG Canada is extremely proud of our counsel and insurance offerings to our clients. The magnificent insurance companies we represent and I will admit that it’s not perfect but the undercurrent is to restore, protect and make whole time and time again. And for the most part we do just that but the ultimate judge is you the consumer. May I encourage you to reconsider a shift in the focus on price and its relationship to the value received in the transaction. And truly, when was the last time you purchased the cheapest thing out there!

As always,

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO
IBMG Canada Inc.

Attached: Report Memorandum

First Line of Defence

This is a testimonial of IBMG’s “First Line of Defence” initiative on water damage claims. The client called in a panic with water escaping from the walls and not knowing where it was coming from and damaging flooring and flooding a basement. The client did not have any where to turn to but to her insurance broker for direction and advice. We calmed the client down as much as we could and called Luc Lambert of Puroclean for emergency assistance.

Mr. Lambert was able to mitigate the damages and assess and fix the damages that could have skyrocketed to thousands of dollars to a mere $500 which the insured paid out of pocket instead of filling a claim with their insurance company. This saved our industry loss ratios and protected the client from another claim that they also had for water damage a couple years ago.

This situation and this example is critical in our offering and our service deliveries and our model at IBMG to become the most proactive insurance brokerage in the business and protecting our clients from increased premiums and restrictive coverages.

Luc Lambert is totally committed to all of our claims and is able to respond in any emergency situation and to provide on site guidance and management in all situations. His representation of IBMG is paramount to minimize our claims exposure and mitigate loss for our clients.

Please take a moment to review the assessment report and experience the professionalism that is consistent with our platform. The managing of our claims in house before it goes to the insurance company is our “First Line of Defence”.

Our commitment to excellence is our core value and Luc delivers that for us.

Think first and manage your risk!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

Unlucky Snowfall

Snowy Friday the 13th…

Last Friday January 13th, 2012 we all woke up to a snow storm. Our drive into our respective workplaces was snowy, icy and treacherous to some and to others not so bad who chose public transportation. Some just stayed home to work from their respective locales, reducing the chances of an auto accident and increasing work productivity by being virtually connected to their employers. A smart decision indeed and probably should be done more often than not…

One of our clients did get rear-ended on that snowy morning drive to work and chose the best approach to the incident by managing the situation calmly, gathering the necessary insurance information, contact phone numbers, address and so on as it was a minor accident and the vehicles were still drivable. Our client got an estimate for $1076 for the repairs and the responsible party paid for the bill. Everyone was happy and the insurance companies did not get involved and the situation was resolved amicably. This is a perfect scenario with rational minds and calm spirits that prevailed to a very cost effective solution.

However, some of our insuring public see this as an opportunity to take advantage of an already over stressed auto insurance system under attack by exaggerated claims and use these situations for their own personal gain. Take a look for yourself on the video below and visit our industry website at www.ibc.ca to educate yourself and be encouraged to seek more plausible means of minimizing these minor mishaps by working together to the common good for our brothers and sisters.

Being part of the solution saves us money and benefits us all.

Think smart and Drive safe!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

Happy New Year

Well 2011 is in the bag and what a year it has been at IBMG. Our year began with negotiations to acquire the operations of Murtaugh Smith Insurance (MSI). We succeeded in closing that transaction on July 25th, 2011. The work then began to amalgamate the two companies into one and we closed the MSI office on the Danforth after a 28 year presence in the area. Our live date of the amalgamated companies was October 31st, 2011 facing challenges that any acquisition presents with technology, HR, architectural workflows and change management. Our re-injection of energy into our client services and our commitment to seek to exceed expectations have been met and we are currently well positioned to meet our daily service to our clientele.

So what does 2012 hold for IBMG on a go forward basis? Stay tuned to the introductions of a number of initiatives such as IBMG clothing apparel, client appreciation days at Mosport Racetrack with our friends at Engineered Automotive and our own special interest automobile car show! Of course our focus from a business perspective will continue to grow our brand by purchasing another insurance brokerage and hiring new producers that we can mentor and help in reaching their maximum potential.

We will continue to feed into our core values and beliefs of caring for our fellow man by encouraging and empowering our staff to greatness; fostering our total commitment to our clients for excellence in our service deliveries and old fashion hard work. As we continue to move forward in our respective journeys we want to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunities to be of service to you with an appreciation for your trust in our insurance advice.

In the meantime let us be mindful of the life that we are so fortunate to live in a land of peace and privileges that few around the world get to enjoy.

Have an outstanding year!

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO
“Designed for greatness, created for eternity”

Self-Quoting — Now Available!

We at IBMG Canada pride ourselves on fast, reliable service that you can trust. As we grow larger, it is that much more important to maintain our high-quality standards for our customers. For this reason, we have implemented a self-service quoting system within our website so you can get rapid results all on your own!

If you are looking for a quick quote, please feel free to direct your attention to the Self-Quote tab in the navigation bar. What would normally be stressful and sometimes inconvenient for people, has been revolutionized and made it simple and stress-free. So what are you waiting for? Get your quote today – It’s free!

New Office, New Opportunities

It’s been a long journey, but we made it! IBMG Canada now has two beautifully furnished offices – Both open for your company! Located at 3219A Yonge Street, the doors are always open to you. Whether you have a few inquiries about your insurance or just want to have some coffee, give us a call and drop by!

If you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to see it in person, but would like a peek, we created a photo-tour for your viewing! Click here to check it out!

Going Live – October 31st!

Truly exiting times in amalgamating our new clients and friends at Murtaugh Smith Insurance (MSI) into IBMG Canada. A simple task but challenging to execute with managing a change in culture, organizational structure, new office space, technology and re-engineering new processes and procedures to increase our speed of service deliveries to our customers.

Our first day is coming up where we will make true on the closing of the MSI office on the Danforth after a near 30 year presence in the area. We will be located at the Lawrence subway stop or one traffic light North of Lawrence on the East side above the UPS store. The address is 3219A Yonge Street in beautiful Lawrence Park North. Please feel free to drop by and see our new digs!

As originally shared in our communication with you; John Murtaugh has retired and doing what he loves best in traveling the world’s most exotic and interesting places. Brien Smith who was to stay with us on a one year employment contract has gone on long term disability because of his Parkinson’s condition and will not be joining us on the 31st. We again at IBMG want to extend our sincere gratitude to both John and Brien for entrusting us to care for MSI. Our number one priority is to make sure that the goodwill that they created continues forever.

We have ported the MSI phone number to IBMG and currently all phone calls are received at our new offices.

In the meantime, please feel free to give David Des Roches or myself a call with any questions that you have with this transition as we are totally committed to seek to exceed your customer experience with our office.

With gratitude

Normand G. Haas, CIP
President & CEO

IBMG Press Release September 2011

Hello Dream Team!

Today looks to be one of our greatest production meetings ever! The production numbers produced this month out of our collective efforts looks to be earth shattering…so come prepared and please be early and prompt in order to respect the time of others and be here on time and ready to start at 10:30am sharp!

The attached Press Release of our recent acquisition will be in all financial publications related to our industry tomorrow as well for your viewing.

IBMG Press Release September 2011